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Driving in Unexpected Weather Conditions


It often seems that as soon as we think better weather is right around the corner, we are then hit with more extreme weather, such as sudden temperature drops or massive amounts of rainfall in a short period of time. Situations like this make it more difficult to drive and complete our day to day routine. It is easy for us to forget the added dangers in such situations as we continue to go about our drive to work or school as normal. Even when the roads are dry and clear, accidents may still occur, even to the safest of drivers.

Most accidents that happen due to inclement weather are caused by a careless or unprepared driver. The best way to steer clear of accidents due to bad weather is to stay home, however, we know that may not be possible. If you are on the roads when bad weather hits, it is best to ensure that you are prepared to drive in such a situation. A few key defensive driving techniques could help prepare you for your drive, such as:

● Slow down. Make sure you decrease your speed in order to help you feel more secure on the road. By decreasing your speed, you can gain greater control of your vehicle and stopping ability.
● Leave space between you and other drivers. The more space you allow means the more time you have to react if an incident were to occur in front of you.
● Get rid of distractions. Let yourself fully focus on the road and not what is going around you. Waiting to answer a call or even turning your music down will allow you to focus on the road ahead.
● Pull over. If you decide the conditions are too dangerous, pulling over to a safe stopping place will allow you time to assess the situation.

Most bad weather accidents tend to happen when the driver is unprepared for the weather or fails to drive in a manner that is appropriate for the road conditions. Not only are these reckless and distracted drivers endangering themselves, but everyone on the roads around them.

In the case you or a loved one are involved in a car crash due to adverse weather conditions, you may not know what steps to take next. Our Maryland car crash attorneys have the experience needed to help handle these types of cases. Contact Potter Law, LLC today to receive a free evaluation of your case.