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Steps to Win an Insurance Claim or Personal Injury Lawsuit


To win an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you’ll need evidence to support your liability and injury claims. One of the largest determining factors for the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit is the determination of fault.

In order to effectively fight for your rights in a personal injury lawsuit, it is imperative that you promptly contact your lawyer to proceed with the best steps possible when it comes to fighting your case. The first few days immediately following the accident are by far the most important when it comes to finding, collecting, and preserving all evidence of your case as well as documenting any injuries and witnesses.

The following is a list of important factors to keep in mind following an accident.

  1. Collect or Document Physical Evidence – Physical evidence is something you can see or touch, as opposed to a description or witness of what happened. Many times, this can be the easiest way of determining what happened and who was at fault. Examples of this could be a broken stair that caused a fall or the damage to the car involved in the accident. Any physical evidence should be preserved or documented as soon as possible. If it is moved, changed, or fixed before you are able to document it, it loses its validity. By having physical evidence to support what happened, the extent of what happened, and why it may have happened is imperative to have a valid case.
  2. Evidence of Your Injuries – Detailed photographs of any injuries helps to tell the story of the pain you endured. However, medical records are key to keeping the most detailed records of injuries. You will need to see a doctor as soon as possible, keep track of any treatments you receive, any fees associated, and records of referrals to any doctors that must be seen following the accident.
  3. Police Reports – The police should be called as soon as possible following the accident. Their report is important in determining liability and can help your case – even though this evidence is usually inadmissible in court.
  4. Other Details to Consider – At the scene of the accident, it could make your case to be able to call upon witnesses that were there. Try and get as many names of the people around and their contact information after a crash. Snap some quick photos before anything is moved to show the scene. Keep extremely detailed running notes of what happened leading up to the accident, and everything moving forward from the accident. Obtain all records from hospital staff, doctors, and insurance companies.

The best way to get through this important time is to have Potter Law, LLC by your side. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys will promptly work with you through this hard time to put together the most comprehensive case to obtain the best results.

Potter Law, LLC is proudly led by nationally acclaimed personal injury attorneys Deborah L. Potter, Suzanne V. Burnett, and Andrew T. Burnett. This legal team understands the importance of standing by your side and confidently representing injured individuals throughout the state of Maryland and Washington, DC.