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Safety Tips to Use in the Kitchen This Holiday Season


Sometimes holiday plans can become very hectic, especially when prepping to have loved ones over, or cooking food to bring to a holiday party. This could mean that your holiday party prep becomes rushed, and important tasks, such as forgetting to turn a stove off, can occur.

It’s important to ensure that you prepare and plan for all holiday events to keep everyone safe and prevent any disaster, such as a house fire or burn from a hot stove.

How can you prevent injuries while you are preparing a holiday event with family and friends? Start by following these important safety tips:

  • Ensure that children stay away from hot burners and anything cooking on your stove.
  • Be sure to clean up any mess as you go to avoid slips, trips, and falls.
  • Test your smoke alarms and ensure your fire extinguishers are working before you begin cooking.
  • Remember to turn off stoves, ovens, grills, or any cooking surface to prevent house fires. Also, make sure to blow out any candles before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Remain in the kitchen whenever you have anything cooking.
  • Clear up any clutter near stovetops, ovens, or any other heating device.

With your home full of family and friends, it can become easy to get distracted and let kitchen safety fall through the cracks. If one thing becomes overlooked, it could lead to a disaster. It only takes a split second for something to go wrong.

Follow these safety tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday season.