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The Imperative Difference Between Trial Lawyers and Litigators

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The distinction between trial attorneys and litigators is often one that is blurred. Since selecting your attorney is a very personal decision, it’s important to know the difference between the two. Learning as much as possible about your prospective attorney or law firm is critical before making a decision. For example, make sure to research their educational background, experience, and reputation amongst their peers and judges. A litigator may be a trial lawyer, and a trial lawyer may be a litigator, however, an attorney doesn’t necessarily have to be both. At the baseline of it all, it is important to be able to distinguish whether a trial lawyer or litigator is best to represent your case.

Both trial lawyers and litigators represent clients in non-criminal lawsuits. Litigation attorneys address the entire case from start to finish, not just the window of time spent in a courtroom. Their job begins with a full investigation and gathering of every detail that may affect the outcome of the case. Attorneys who are solely litigators do not spend a lot of time in the courtroom. There is a great deal of writing and researching involved, as well as a great deal of written correspondence with opposing counsel as well as the client.

Those attorneys that are solely trial lawyers spend their time in the courtroom fighting for their clients. Trial lawyers are the ones involved in giving the opening statement, selecting a jury, the cross-examination of witnesses, any interaction with the judge, giving the closing argument, and waiting for a jury to return its verdict.

Not all cases go to trial. However, selecting an attorney with experience as both a litigation and trial attorney is highly beneficial to your case. The attorneys of Potter Law, LLC have the combined skills of both. Our Pride of personal injury attorneys has the experience and skill to not only learn your case, study it, and evaluate it, but also the confidence, experience, and proven results necessary to persuade in the courtroom.

When choosing a personal injury attorney to represent your case in the Maryland or Washington, DC area, turn to Potter Law, LLC for the experience and ability your case deserves.