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Birth Injury: Soft Tissue and Skin


The newborn’s skin may exhibit minor injuries after delivery, especially those areas receiving additional pressure during pre-delivery contractions, or bodily surfaces that first emerge from the birth canal during delivery. Forceps and assorted instruments required for normal delivery procedures can certainly injure the skin. Following breech deliveries, swelling and bruising may appear around the eyes and face during face-first deliveries, and on the genitals. No additional treatments are required for these bruises which usually dissipate very quickly.

Added stress on the newborn (such as asphyxia) and the use of delivery instruments during delivery can injure the subcutaneous fat under the skin. This skin injury appears red, somewhat firm, with raised areas on the trunk, arms, thighs, or buttocks of the newborn. This type of injury, again, usually resolves on its own over weeks to months. If it does not resolve, this may indicate a more serious problem.

Many preventable issues can transpire during pregnancy or delivery that are hazardous to an infant. It is important to trust the medical professionals around you and reach out to Potter Law, LLC if you believe your standard of care was breached. Let Our Pride Protect Yours.