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6 Key Legal Terms


For clients and those who are not involved in the law industry on a day-to-day basis, legal language can be confusing and difficult to understand. Law terminology is filled with unusual words and unfamiliar jargon. The following are common terms to review before your initial consultation.

  • Damages: A form of compensation for your loss or injury.
  • Defendant: An entity or person facing a civil lawsuit or accused of a crime.
  • Liability: The state of being held accountable for a negligent act. One party is liable for the damages or injuries from the other.
  • Negligence: When one party owes a duty to another and fails to meet that duty, which as a result, causes harm and results in damages.
  • Evidence: Any legal proof offered at a trial.
  • Testify: To bear witness or give evidence under oath, typically in court.

Potter Burnett is more than happy to assist with understanding unfamiliar terms or complex legal issues. Feel peace of mind knowing that your case—and well-being— is in good hands with the pride of Potter Burnett.