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Child Loses Life in Fatal Colorado Amusement Park Accident

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On Sunday night, a fatal accident occurred at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A six-year-old girl lost her life while riding the Haunted Mine Drop Ride. The attraction drops more than 100 feet into the earth in a dark tunnel before lifting the riders up again.

It is not known if the girl died due to a fall injury, which could feasibly be suffered if the ride’s restraint systems failed or were not engaged during the initial plummet. Details of the accident have not yet been released to the public due to privacy and confidentiality concerns.

There has also not been mention of any lawsuits filed against the theme park for the fatal accident. It might be that there is not enough evidence of liability or negligence at this time to bring a claim. There is no easy way to approach such tragedies from a legal standpoint. Yet it is important for families who have lost loved ones to amusement park accidents and similar incidents to consider their legal options with a professional attorney, who can help navigate the situation carefully and respectfully. With a successful claim, the family might find some peace of mind and a sense of closure that helps them through the grieving process.

From our team at Potter Law, LLC, our thoughts and hearts go out to the family of the young girl and all of those who were affected by this tragedy. For more information about this developing story, you can click here to view a full article from ABC News. If you have questions about wrongful death claims and personal injury lawsuits in Maryland, then you can reach out to our firm by dialing (301) 820-7820 or by using an online contact form.