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What Causes Paralysis in Newborns?


Newborn infants are some of the most fragile humans on the planet.

If an infant suffers serious injuries before, during, or after the birth, the damage may ultimately result in paralysis. Infant paralysis may be partial or complete, temporary or permanent, depending on the cause and the degree of severity.

Infant paralysis is not always easy to identify, which is why parents and doctors must be vigilant. If a doctor fails to fulfill a certain standard of care, causing your child to become paralyzed, they could be found liable for the resulting damage.

Common causes of infant paralysis include:

  • Brain Injuries – These often stem from oxygen deprivation in the infant. They can also originate from health complications such as the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s neck or head trauma.
  • Spinal Injuries – These are usually the most obvious to notice. If the baby’s neck or spine is handled roughly during delivery, it can result in paralysis in the infant.
  • Infections – Babies can develop infections while in the mother’s uterus or during delivery. The damage can range anywhere from a minor cold to paralysis. Poliomyelitis, better known as just polio, is an example of an infection a baby can contract that results in paralysis.

A doctor may be liable for a delayed diagnosis, lack of diagnosis, improper diagnosis, incorrect treatment, lack of treatment, lack of monitoring, or any other negligent actions.

Infant paralysis can be challenging for many reasons, not the least of the financial strain it may cause. Your child may require ongoing physical therapy, medications, and doctor’s visits, not to mention any existing medical bills for the injury or illness that caused the paralysis. Paying for these damages while caring for your injured child can be next to impossible, which is why we want to help you fight for the justice and compensation you and your child deserve.

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