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4 Summer Driving Hazards to Be Aware Of


With summer comes the joy of family vacations and warm, sunny weather. However, summer also brings along a new set of issues to be cautious of. When it comes to driving during the summer season, it is best to be prepared for any situation that may arise and practice behaviors that will keep everyone safe not only as a passenger but also behind the wheel.

It is important to stay aware and focus on safe driving. The more congested roads become, the more stop-and-go traffic there is. This can result in accidents, both big and small, if drivers become distracted. If you are driving a long distance, it is best to take breaks, get sleep, and stay hydrated while on the road. This will combat the sluggish symptoms that can lead to drowsy driving.

Another factor to keep in mind is that children are out of school for summer and take to playing outside while enjoying the weather. It is important to drive slowly in residential and heavily populated areas and to keep an eye out for children who may wander into the road.

When driving in hot conditions, it is important to keep an eye on your vehicle’s coolant and cooling system. Regular maintenance can help to avoid vehicles overheating and keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely.

The warm weather brings more than summer vacations, it also brings construction and road work. While roads are being worked on, you must remember to expect the unexpected, be alert, be patient, follow all signs and remain aware of construction materials. If possible, it is best to avoid known work zones entirely.

Along with the hazards listed above, be on the lookout for bicyclists and motorcyclists, heavy wind and rain, drivers unfamiliar with the local area, and more. Help ease congestion by preparing yourself and others for these driving conditions. The most important responsibility on the road is to get where you are going – and back home again – safely.