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3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer


Yes, it is true that not every case demands the use of an attorney. But most cases do have a legal dimension and require legal assistance. While every legal situation is different, there are certain instances when hiring a lawyer is non-negotiable. Here are 3 reasons to hire a lawyer.

  1. The law is complex. Most legal concepts come across as straightforward and easy to grasp. But when the complexity of real life conflicts with the law, loopholes form and so-called exceptions may arise. For example, it is illegal to kill someone, but what if you kill the person in self-defense Although this may be an extreme example, it proves the point that there is always a counterargument. Your case is more likely to be resolved with fewer repercussions with a knowledgeable and emotionally detached attorney.
  2. Save money. Many shy away from the idea of hiring an attorney due to the fear of expensive legal fees. You may be entitled to claim fees if you are a plaintiff in a civil case. A lawyer can help you save or even make money when winning a case.
  3. Know how to contest or suppress evidence. You may not be aware that the evidence being used against you was illegally acquired. A lawyer can find out whether the evidence being used against you is bonafide and if it was obtained in a legal way.

If you are contemplating whether or not you should hire a lawyer, please call Potter Burnett today. Our pride is dedicated to your protection and justice.